Every driver, at least, knows that a car needs to be oil changed every three months or every 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. However, while auto technicians and car companies are all convincing you to change your motor oil and how important this may be, and somehow, they do not even tell you the reasons why. 

 Automobile Tune Up

The primary role of the motor oil is to lubricate the moving internal components of your car engine. In order for your vehicle to run fast, your car engine should also move fast and a contact on metal to metal produces a lot of friction. As a matter of fact, the motor oil prevents too much friction. It helps to cool your car engine as well because it is often moving the entire time it is running. As the motor oil travels from very hot portions of the engine into cooler portions, it carries the heat with it as well as allows to dissipate in some cooler portions.  

In addition to that, the motor oil also maintains cleanliness of your engine. As the engine operates, small metal bits get worn off to some parts as the heat, volatile gases and friction cause these bits of metal to break down. Furthermore, the motor oil carries along with it some metal bits and grime to your oil filter where they’re being get rid of your car’s system. 

The oil is not perfect and as time passes, it also starts to break down, too. Heat in the engine can cause the motor oil to change its viscosity, becoming thicker or thinner, that makes less effective and efficient in decreasing friction. Air filters and oil do not often catch everything they have to, which means that your motor oil actually becomes dirtier over time. 

Dirty oil carries tiny bits of metal and dirt which can lead to more friction in moving parts of your engine where the motor oil is supposed to decrease friction. Also, oil is lost to burn–off over time because oil enters combustion chambers of the engine of your car, small portions of it are burned off while it runs, leaving less oil in the system of your vehicle. 

Getting your oil changed regularly by Austin’s Best Mobile Mechanic is very important in order to maintain your vehicle in running smoothly and top condition. Your oil burns off, changes viscosity as well as gets dirty, and all of these just make your oil less efficient. The oil of your car is basically the lifeblood of your car engine, therefore, get a regular oil change and always keep your car engine healthy.   

How to Determine When Your Vehicle Requires Tune Up? 

Everyone has already heard of an auto tune up however, not all know what it really means or works. Most car owners might think that only sports cars, luxury vehicles, radios, and musical instruments require to be tuned, however, that is because they do not understand the importance of keeping their cars in top condition. Auto tune up is a term used for a series of preventive measures done in a vehicle.